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Welcome to the isee Blog

The isee systems BlogWelcome to the isee systems blog, “Making Connections”.  We hope you find it a practical resource for learning more about Systems Thinking, applying it to real-world situations, and using our software and training materials.

While we don’t have a set schedule, we post to the blog often. You can automatically get the updates by subscribing  via email  or using a news reader such as Google Reader, NewsGator or FeedDemon.

Most importantly, we want to hear from you. Please give us your feedback, post your comments, and keep us in the loop on what you’re doing and thinking!

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  • Starting a SD/iThink/Stella blog is a great idea. I look forward to coming back 🙂

    PS: I very much like the design, too!

  • Prakash Shrivastava

    Very happy that isee Blog has started. Look forward to the discussions and extending the network.


  • Vassilis Gekas

    Very interesting, I am at yr disposal!

  • Giovanni Dalla Colletta

    Great idea , congratulations and let’start using it!

  • Bojan Jovanoski

    One more PLUS for this idea. Very eager to see the future content of the blog and the ideas people are sharing.

  • Much needed and welcomed! A personnally frustrating aspect of being a systems thinker in a linear thinking company, besides their not speaking the language, is that there is no one to bounce ideas off of. Now I have a sounding board


  • Debbie

    I am a student working on a problem and I am stuck. I have a stock (atmosphere)with two outflows (space and earth. Only one outflow will work at a time. If I delete one the other will work otherwise the model will only coplete the cycle from earth to atmosphere and back to eatrh and will not send any flow out into space. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

  • @Debbie
    Send an email to support@iseesystems.com and we’ll get you on the right track. I won’t go into here because I don’t think it’s relevant to this post. In the meantime, take a look at the model “Hot Air & Greenhouse Gases” on this page for some guidance.

  • Gavin Stewart

    Just put 31 Old Etna Road on wikimapia (beta)and when it came to the Wilipedia reference there is one to ithink only as comparable to/competitor of VENSIM, and likewise Stella (modelling software) in the disambiguation off Stella but no article. None for Isee systems of course. Over to you guys. While you are making yourself respectable e-people with a wiki ref, you might like to pin down the wikimapia ref a bit better too, since old Etna Road seems to be sparsely populated and it’s anyone’s guess where #31 is! Regards.

  • ali

    cangratulations build your blog…
    give me up date recent post to my blog or share it to my blog.. and i want to socialisation in my country abaou t stella so i need posts with language indonesian if will…
    thanks before n after…

  • Vassilis Gekas

    Very interesting, I am at yr disposal!

  • Test

  • jaywarner

    In manufacturing today, it is LEAN thinking all over the place. (at least, when we're not worried about getting out decent product today. 🙂 Has anyone used iThink or Stella II to build a LEAN production model, and work out the summaries used to determine 'waste' and 'value added' time?

    I'm looking to find a model or plan I can use/rebuild/build to do some introductory education on the subject.

  • Jay – we have a lot of process improvement models and documentation, but nothing specific to LEAN that I know of. My guess is that like most methodologies, ST models will work well with a bit of tweaking.

    Learn more about the Process Improvement Manual here: http://www.iseesystems.com/store/Business/Reeng

    Read the TOC here: http://www.iseesystems.com/store/Business/PIMMo

    I also asked the Twitterverse this question and got a response from Michael Bean from Forio Business Simulations:

    “Regarding your question about a lean manufacturing simulation. Here is an example: http://bit.ly/7hvDc1

  • rossibella

    Hello I wonder if there is any way to add more rows and columns to i'think graphs, because I am working with oil wells and production values are high for what I have q values constantly change to vertical see the graph of production and decay of the production and makes me a bit tedious, that's why I need some way to adjust the graph so that it can show more number of row and columns. If anyone can help I would appreciate that in the soul, because this is my internship work and very little I need to finish and graduate and do not know much about this tool and the tutorial and examples have helped me a lot to learn more this tool. Greetings and thank you very much. my email is rosvir73@hotmail.com

    • You can export the data to Excel and then create the graph/table there. The tutorials over setting up import/export links to Excel.

  • Sociophile

    Hi all! I too am a student with a problem I can’t seem to overcome. Is there anyway to get the simulation to stop running when one of the variables reaches a certain value? I have a dichotomous outcome variable and I’d like the simulation to “stop” when it goes from “0” to “1”. Is there an easy way to do this? Thanks!