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Modeling Learning Network for Health & Social Care

isee’s consulting and training partner, the Whole Systems Partnership, recently launched the WSP systems modelling learning network . Developed for modelers in health and social care systems, this online network supports folks interested in learning how to use system dynamics modeling in their work.

Whole Systems Partnership

Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to models that address issues that may reflect your own
  • Ability to share your iThink or STELLA models and get feedback from a wide range of people
  • Training modules and online tutorials in specific areas of modeling such as communicating your models, linking model inputs and outputs to an Excel spreadsheet, creating modules and using array features
  • A dedicated Network Manager who will respond to SD modeling questions and facilitate discussion between members
  • Regular updates relevant to network activity and to support your development

The learning network is a great example of how isee NetSim software can be used to support online learning and sharing of iThink and STELLA models over the web.

Sharing iThink and STELLA models on the web
Sample page from the WSP Learning Network

To learn more or to register, visit http://www.wspnetsims.com/sd_home.asp or contact Peter Lacey at peter.lacey@thewholesystem.co.uk

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