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Publishing Your Models to the Web with isee NetSim

March 26th, 2009 2 comments

You might have missed one of our recent free live webinars, Publishing Your Models to the Web with isee NetSim, that featured a demonstration of our isee Netsim product.  We periodically run these webinars to allow customers the opportunity to see live software demonstrations and ask questions in real time.  Video archives of these webinars are posted on our website.

In this session, Jeremy Merritt presented a live demonstration of  isee Netsim.  isee Netsim lets you publish your STELLA or iThink models to the web so that anyone with an internet connection and a web browser can run them. If you’re curious about how this simple process works, you can view the archived webinar video that shows how to prepare, export and publish a model to the web.

Get a taste of the higher resolution 40 minute presentation by watching this one minute preview.

>> View complete webinar presentation.

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Online Learning Labs Explore Systems Problems

February 12th, 2009 2 comments

If you’ve been connecting with folks at isee systems over the years, chances are you’ve read or learned something from Chris Soderquist. Chris is President of Pontifex Consulting and one of isee’s trusted consulting and training partners.

Chris SoderquistBefore branching out on his own, Chris worked for isee as a lead consultant, trainer, and learning environment developer. He co-developed the interactive teaching tool Systems Thinking: Taking the Next Step and has used our software to generate insight and understanding in others for many years. He is a real Systems Thinker and an excellent teacher. We think he is so good at teaching this systems stuff, we rely on him to facilitate our online training and to help us out at conferences and workshops.

Chris likes to tackle timely issues with Systems Thinking and is interested in how sharing models and videos online can help frame the discussion around them. Last year’s spike in fuel prices and public concern about future oil reserves inspired Chris to create a YouTube video and online Learning Labs to explore the supply and demand dynamics of the oil market.

YouTube video: “How long will oil last?”

Online Learning Labs

The following learning labs were developed with iThink and then published to the web using isee NetSim

How much oil is left?

Oil market dynamics

What do you think?

Chris is leading the effort to define an online Learning Lab format. We’d love to hear your reactions. Are there other topics you think this approach would be good for?

Modeling Learning Network for Health & Social Care

February 6th, 2009 No comments

isee’s consulting and training partner, the Whole Systems Partnership, recently launched the WSP systems modelling learning network . Developed for modelers in health and social care systems, this online network supports folks interested in learning how to use system dynamics modeling in their work.

Whole Systems Partnership

Some of the benefits include:

  • Access to models that address issues that may reflect your own
  • Ability to share your iThink or STELLA models and get feedback from a wide range of people
  • Training modules and online tutorials in specific areas of modeling such as communicating your models, linking model inputs and outputs to an Excel spreadsheet, creating modules and using array features
  • A dedicated Network Manager who will respond to SD modeling questions and facilitate discussion between members
  • Regular updates relevant to network activity and to support your development

The learning network is a great example of how isee NetSim software can be used to support online learning and sharing of iThink and STELLA models over the web.

Sharing iThink and STELLA models on the web
Sample page from the WSP Learning Network

To learn more or to register, visit or contact Peter Lacey at

isee.NET Framework 1.1 – Powering isee NetSim Server

January 28th, 2009 No comments

The isee.NET Framework is a Software Development Kit (SDK), that allows programmers to build applications that use iThink/STELLA models.  For example, programmers like me use it here at isee to build the isee NetSim Server software, which allows iThink and STELLA models to run over the web.  We have quite a few customers using the Framework for other interesting applications.  I’ll be posting more about some of those in the coming months.

A couple of weeks ago we quietly released an update to the isee.NET Framework.  isee.NET Framework version 1.1.   Since the Framework powers isee NetSim Server, over the past year and a half we were adding features, fixing issues and tweaking things for the isee NetSim 1.0 release.

package_developmentIt was a really rewarding experience for me to depend on a product that I helped developed to build a new product.  In the software business we call this “eating your own dogfood” — using your own products within your business.  (And I guess we should be if we’re developing a product for others to make software too).  We depend on the isee.NET Framework as much as our customers do, so it’s a win-win situation.

Head over to the product page to take a look at what is new in the 1.1 release.