Jim Roger connects with isee staff during User Conference
Jim Rogers connects with isee staff during User Conference

isee systems is in business to improve the way the world works, by creating Systems Thinking-based products and training that enable people to think, learn, communicate, and act more systemically.  

We are devoted to the mission established by our company founder,  Barry Richmond, and to making Systems Thinking and System Dynamics accessible and applicable to people in ALL fields and professions. 

The “Making Connections”  blog was created so we can easily share our experiences and ideas and learn from each other. Links to tweets, forums and other online discussion will also connect us to the broader Systems Thinking community.

Please give us your feedback, post your comments, and keep us in the loop on what you’re doing and thinking!

  • cambell Metcalfe

    Hi all, i am a past post-grad Curtin student who has used SSM during the mid 1990s, and are contemplating an SSM study of assessing status of information flow between GPs and hospitals. If i can put together a good enough PHd proposal to get a candidacy, i would be interested in using iThink/iSee type products

    • Necmi Tosun

      Hi Cambell,

      Please let me know your contact details.

      Necmi Tosun (ntosun2000@yahoo.com)

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  • Stanhopkins

    It seems the iThink software cannot import data into a model unless Excel is installed on the same system.  Booo! I’m using Open Office and don’t have it installed.  Even a raw .csv file cannot be input unless it is read by Excel and presented to your software.  This should not be.

    • This is a bug in the present version of iThink and STELLA.  Without Excel installed on your system it makes it more difficult, but not impossible, to import data from CSV files.  We are correcting this problem in the upcoming release.

      How to Import Without Excel from a CSV File:
      The specific import feature that gets adversely affected is the ability to maintain a persistent link to an import data file. As you probably have discovered, if you try to manage the persistent links, you’ll get an error that Excel is not found. What you can do are one-time imports of CSV files.

      If you go to the Edit menu and select “Import Data”, choose the “One Time” import type and select your CSV file, this should work on the subsequent run.  You will have to manually set this up again if data changes in the imported CSV file.

      Exporting to a CSV file without Excel installed works without any problems.