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Top Blog Posts of 2009

isee_blog_icon_128In 2009, the isee systems blog, “Making Connections” was created as a forum for sharing ideas and experiences with the Systems Thinking community. Blog topics cover subjects ranging from a systems perspective of current news events to modeling tips for advanced STELLA and iThink users.

As the first anniversary of the isee Blog approaches, we thought it would be interesting for folks to see the list of our most popular blog posts.

Top Ten Posts of 2009

  1. Modeling H1N1 Flu Outbreak
  2. Modeling Customers Switching Between Brands
  3. Modeling a Watershed with Arrays
  4. Matrix Arithmetic
  5. Spatial Modeling with isee Spatial Map
  6. “Thinking in Systems” book inspires online course
  7. Physics Textbook 2.0
  8. Insight-based Model Investigates the Housing Crisis
  9. Building a Health Care Model Hierarchically
  10. C02 in the Atmosphere Behaves Like a Bathtub
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