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Published Papers that Feature Models

sd-review-006One of our customers suggested we compile a list of articles after being asked to submit a paper about his STELLA model. We thought a list of published papers about STELLA and iThink models was a great idea. The information would not only be useful to people writing papers, it would be a wonderful resource for folks wanting to learn about other modeling projects.

It occurred to us that the blog would make a good home for the list because others could help keep it current by posting comments with links to newly published papers or papers we may have missed.

To get the ball rolling, we compiled a list from journals we are familiar with – System Dynamics Review and Journal of the Operational Research Society. The result is by no means exhaustive. It is simply a way to get things started. We need your help to expand this list and to include other journals that you’re reading.

If you know of a published paper about a STELLA or iThink application that does not appear on this list, please let us know about it by submitting a comment. It would be helpful if you included citation information so that we can quickly verify it and update our list.

Thanks for your help!

System Dynamics Review

Clark, T. D. Jr. & Jones, M.C. (2008). An experimental analysis of the dynamic structure and behavior of managerial support systems. System Dynamics Review, 24(2), 215-245
Wheat, D. Jr. (2007). The feedback method of teaching macroeconomics: is it effective? System Dynamics Review, 23 (4), 391-413
Arquitt, S.; Honggang, X.; Johnstone, R. (2005). A system dynamics analysis of boom and bust in the shrimp aquaculture industry. System Dynamics Review, 21(4), 305-324
Faust, L.J.; Jackson, R.; Ford, A.; Earnhardt, J.M.; Thompson, S.D. (2004). Models for management of wildlife populations: lessons from spectacled bears in zoos and grizzly bears in Yellowstone. System Dynamics Review, 20(2), 163-178
Georgantzas, N. C. (2003). Tourism dynamics: Cyprus’ hotel value chain and profitability. System Dynamics Review, 19(3), 175-212
Morecroft, J.D.; Larsen, E.R.; Lomi, A.; Ginsberg, A. (1995). The dynamics of resource sharing: A metaphorical model. System Dynamics Review, 11(4), 289-309
Morecroft, J.D.; Lane, D.C.; Viita, P.S. (1991). Modeling growth strategy in a biotechnology startup firm. System Dynamics Review, 7(2), 93-116

Journal of the Operational Research Society

Saeed, K. & Pavlov, O.V. (2007). Dynastic cycle: a generic structure describing resource allocation in political economies, markets and firms. Journal of the Operational Research Society (2008) 59, 1289-1298
Bennett, P.; Hare, A.; Townshend, J. (2005). Assessing the risk of vCJD transmission via surgery: models for uncertainty and complexity. Journal of the Operational Research Society (2005) 56, 202-213
Taylor, K. & Dangerfield, B. (2005). Modelling the feedback effects of reconfiguring health services. Journal of the Operational Research Society (2005) 56, 659-675
Brailsford, S.C.; Lattimer,V.A.; Tarnaras, P.; Turnbull, J.C. (2004). Emergency and on-demand health care: modelling a large complex system. Journal of the Operational Research Society (2004) 55, 34-42
Hafeez, K. & Abdelmeguid, H. (2003). Dynamics of human resource and knowledge management. Journal of the Operational Research Society (2003) 54, 153-164
Townshend, J.R.P. & Turner, H.S. (2000). Analysing the effectiveness of Chlamydia screening. Journal of the Operational Research Society 51, 812 – 824
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  • Another bibliography of general System Dynamics papers can be found on the System Dynamics Society website here:


    • Krish

      Hi jeremy

      I am a beginner in “system dynamics”, and I am trying to implement the given article
      regarding supply chain. Can u help me with devoloping graph for the model as it includes summation of model variables.

      Saeed, K. (2009). Can trend forecasting improve stability in supply chains? A response to Forrester’s challenge in Appendix L of Industrial Dynamics. System Dynamics Review, 25(1), 63-78

      PDF : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/sdr.411/pdf

      • Patrick


      • Patrickhenry

        In the same way can someone help me with developing graph, as the attached image. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        Looking forward for the help.

        Thank you.

  • Heres a published paper of mine which describes an ithink model

    A Management Flight Simulator for VirtualEnterprise Network Incubation

    Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising, ICE2004 Sevilla, Spain, 14-16 June 2004, http://www.ice-conference.org