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What’s New in isee NetSim 1.0.2?

June 16th, 2009 No comments

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Along with the iThink/STELLA 9.1.3 release, we are happy to announce the isee NetSim 1.0.2 update.  We have fixed many issues and also added a few features:

  • Expanded Support for Navigation Buttons — Navigation buttons now support options to “Restore All Devices”, “Restore Graphs/Tables”, and “Switch Variable On or Off”.
  • Print Interface — Support for the “Print” menu button has been added so that users can now print the current NetSim interface page.
  • Edit Text Boxes — Text boxes that do not have the “Lock Text” option enabled are now editable so that you can provide an input form for users. Coupled with the “Print” menu button, students can now print out their responses to online assignments.
  • Proxy Server Support — Users with an Internet proxy server connection can now configure their isee NetSim Wizard installation to publish models on the web.
  • Trial Version — We are excited to offer a 30-day trial version of isee NetSim.  If you currently don’t own isee NetSim, click here to download the trial.

If you are a current isee NetSim owner, you can login and download the update now on your My Software page.  If you want all the nitty-gritty details, take a look at the complete release notes here.

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