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Version 9.1.3 Updates Key Features

June 16th, 2009 1 comment

We just released another update to STELLA and iThink — Version 9.1.3.  This particular release has a number of updates specific to key features.  For example, if you’re a Macintosh user and rely on the data import/export functionality, you’ll definitely appreciate the updates we made to make sure the software is compatible with the latest versions of Excel for Mac.

Updates to the ARRAYRANK builtin include an optional parameter to specify a secondary sort field for variables with the same value.  You can now also use the ARRAYRANK builtin  in a non-arrayed variable.

My personal favorite in this release, though, is an enhancement we made to the Spatial Map utility. In addition to color configurations, you can now assign an image to a range of values.  This really expands your ability to create  interesting visual representations of spatial data.

forest and modelUsing images to visualize simulations

This simple model of trees burning in a forest illustrates how images can be used in a spatial map configuration.

The model is set up so that initially there is one tree in the middle of the forest that is burning.  All of the other trees in the forest are healthy living trees.

When you run the simulation, the images in Spatial Map allow you to see the fire spreading to adjacent trees. It really adds to the visual effect of what’s happening in the model. Eventually the burning trees die out and you’re left with a forest mostly full of dead trees — now that’s a visual!

If you want to learn more about Spatial Map, check out Karim Chichakly’s series on spatial modeling in iThink and STELLA .

A full list of the features and fixes in Version 9.1.3 is available on our web site.  If your Technical Support Contract is current, you can go ahead and download the update now from your My Software page.

Hope you have as much fun with the spatial mapping as I did!

What’s New in isee NetSim 1.0.1

February 10th, 2009 No comments

Typically when software moves from version 1.0 to 1.0.1, the minor release mostly consists of bug fixes.  I’m happy to say that isee NetSim 1.0.1 is not all about bug fixes, (though we have fixed a lot of issues and increased performance).  This release includes some cool new features too:

Chained Sliders are now supported

Not only did we add the chained sliders to isee NetSim, we improved the behavior and also added some functionality you can use in iThink and STELLA 9.1.2 and isee NetSim.  We have dedicated a separate post to the details and published a NetSim so you can try it out online.

Page size dialog

Page size dialog (click to expand)

Custom Page Sizes

In addition to the fixed screen resolution page sizes, you can now specify a custom page size by choosing the “Other” option.

The fixed options (640×480, 800×600, etc.), represent the target screen resolutions of the computer screens that will be displaying the model.  This is a great option for sizing pages of models distributed with the isee Runtime.  Runtime models are run from a CD-ROM or installed on the users hard drive and these options are great because you know the model will work for the screen size you choose.

Publishing to the web is a different story.  The model runs in a web browser.  Different browsers have different amounts of available display space.  Users may have add-on toolbars that take up more of that space.  They may be running at different screen resolutions too.

With the new custom size option you can configure a page size that works best for your model when running on the web with isee NetSim.  We have found that making the pages wider and making use of horizontal space is a good strategy for publishing to the web.

Print Graphs

Did you notice the little printer icon on the graph? (Well, you can’t see one here — but open up a sample NetSim and you will) Click on the printer icon in a graph in any NetSim and you’ll get a nice print-out.  You can try it out with one of the NetSim sample models.

isee NetSim Wizard prompts for credentials

isee NetSim Wizard prompts for credentials

HTTP Authentication support in isee NetSim Publishing Wizard

If the isee NetSim Server is running on a secure web server, (such as an intranet or extranet that requires authentication), the isee NetSim Publishing Wizard will now prompt for the credentials.  It’ll remember the username and password if you check off the option.  Currently it supports HTTP Basic Authentication.

If you’re scratching your head here wondering what this means, then review the isee NetSim architecture below:

isee NetSim:  How it works

This means you can now allow users to publish (1), to an isee NetSim Server that has HTTP Authentication turned on (2).  Web Users (3) will be prompted by their browser for username and password when they run the NetSim online.

So if you want to secure your published models, or publish them to a secure intranet/extranet, you can with isee NetSim 1.0.1

Display month numbers as month names

Month names in isee NetSim

“Use month names” Option in Tables

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but worth mentioning because a lot of customers wanted this functionality added to tables in isee NetSim. Financial reports look really clean with this option enabled.